Falling for you plus guitar

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What a lovely song from Alice! I tried to maintain it open so that others may add. I also decided to only use here vocal only so that some percussions may be encourage to add. Here's the chords.

1ST G – F#7 – B7 – Em7 - C/D - CM7 – Em – Am7 – C/D
REFRAIN: CM7 – G/B – Em7 – A/C# – CM7- Em7 – Am7 – C/D
BRIDGE: CM7 – Am7 – GM7 – CM7 – Am7 ...


I must delete mine, I did exactly the same !
But not, I'm not able to do that like this cause as all my colleagues said, you are a master class musician
April 06 2016 23:40:47
kennyadry Oh!!! Id like to hear that Uncle Tof :) +1
April 07 2016 00:03:09
Tofzegrit I have planned it for tomorrow but that challenges me to do something very different, maybe Yukulele or Trombone version :D +1
Top masterclass Kenny! Not easy to put those Great smooth jazzy chords under the vocals :)+2
April 06 2016 22:44:00
kennyadry Thanks a lot Patrick! :) This is a great song from Alice and I think I should lay some cool chords :) +1
Amazing cool chords kenny! You did some very rich chords for this track, way way cool....
I was working on this track too, but it doesn't fit on your guitar...hmm...
April 06 2016 22:42:05
kennyadry Just heard yours man!!! It is awesome, don't worry about it not fitting, I am glad to hear some different version :) +1
Waaaaa Waaaaaa Waaaaaaa waaaa waaaaaaaa
Kenny! this ..you...you are AWESOME brother! you really catch what this song scream for, this kind of guitar that I have in mind when I made the track, and you just do it perfectly...2:04 - end goosebump, you nailed the bridge so beautifuly...
Thank you so so so much Kenny!!!! oh this day will be a happy dayyy! this song really get under my nerves yesterday...you know that something that you have in your head but can not able to play it :)
April 06 2016 22:42:56
kennyadry THank you great sis! :) Your song just captured me immediately and yeahh!!! Thank you so much for the great song, and I am glad you like it :) :D +0
April 06 2016 22:53:13
mpointon What Alice said! +0
April 06 2016 23:37:17
frenzie If anyone can do it kenny will he is a master for this kind of sound :) +0
Very nice tone and approach Nephew ! Bright and cool, you stick formidably :)+1
April 06 2016 22:43:18
kennyadry THank you so much Uncle Titi :) +1
WOW, really impressive how you lay the chords under this nice vocals!! Great !!+1
April 06 2016 22:44:22
kennyadry Thanks a lot Frankie :) +1
Kenny. Kenny. Kenny. If you want an advert for your incredible ability and ear, then this is it. You've magicked the chords from nowhere. Incredible. And so amazingly performed - they may as well have been there all along.

This is off-the-scale. As Pat says, a masterclass. Utterly brilliant.
April 06 2016 22:57:41
kennyadry Thanks Martin :) SOmehow I was fortunate that Alice song was in key of G, my favorite key since the time I played guitar :D So I had little problem since I was familiar with the pattern and what a lucky me :) +2
Marcelo D
Magic Kenny... I got emotional. Awesome. So beautiful. :)+1
April 06 2016 23:38:29
Marcelo D
kennyadry Thanks a lot Peixe :) Alice singing really got some emotion to this :) great song! +1
Pit Brett
fantastic guitar Kenny :)+1
April 06 2016 23:39:45
Pit Brett
kennyadry Thank you Pit! :) +0
Perfect and awesome bro you really shine on this track and give clarity for both drum of bass:)+1
April 06 2016 23:41:15
kennyadry Thanks a lot Frenzie :) +1
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