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I really don't know how to classify this song. Its a fusion from salsa and Spanish music. I have tried to transmit the passion and the harmony that I love to hear in some artists that I am used to listen. Its a picture from my strong feelings these last days. Hope you enjoy...


Really nice, I like this, great playing Peixe.+1
Mai 23 2016 13:35:31
Marcelo D Thanks Pudsy. This is not very usual around here. Glad you liked!!! +1
Oh melt my heart with this track Marcelo! You know how i love this latin kind of music, can't find the right words to describe how beautiful this track, that feeling must be burn your latin blood on fire ..excellent in every side+1
Mai 23 2016 13:37:51
Marcelo D Alice, you melt my heart everytime you open your mounth. With yours words goes the same... So glad you liked:) ;) +1
Mai 24 2016 09:00:57
aleonz What not to like from you Mr.Drummond :) your music always got that beautiful lovely touch and feeling...impossible not to love them +1
Mai 24 2016 13:47:04
Marcelo D You have the most lovely voice ever Al. So ... I think we have some quite similar opinions about each other... Its impossible not to love your tracks :) +1
Mai 24 2016 15:39:41
aleonz Blah! :P +1
Mai 24 2016 18:48:42
Marcelo D Go on blahing as you wish. I dont care ;) +1
Pit Brett
this track is fantastic Peixe! :)+1
Mai 23 2016 13:40:19
Pit Brett
Marcelo D Thanks Pit. Its a little latin flavour. Glad you liked :) +0
THis is just so beautifully arranged Piexe! i need this one! THis is seriously awesome! I want drums on this but I think If I can't wait I will try to do something!+1
Mai 23 2016 13:41:56
Marcelo D Please don't wait Kenny. Turn your bpm to 130 and send your magic fire over this one. I will be so glad to hear you on this one bud!!! :):):) +0
Latin blood, for sure ! :)
So cool to share music with native and natural soul!
Mai 23 2016 13:43:19
Marcelo D Thanks Tof. Its rare to hear this kind of things around. Hope you liked it! :) +1
Mai 23 2016 14:34:08
Tofzegrit I love music especially when it comes to me with flavour and knowledge, it's a piece of you, I receive it as a gift +1
Mai 23 2016 21:34:58
Marcelo D Thanks Tof. I am glad to hear this words. Music must be for real even if its not the traditional stuf. Art is boundless and we as musicians must give this freedom to our criation. it so good to find people that understand the true meaning of music :) :) +0
Very good Marcelo!!+1
Mai 23 2016 13:45:14
Marcelo D Hello my friend. You are one of the few who uploads latin styles around. You gave me some motivation to upload this one. Glad you liked it:) +1
Mai 23 2016 13:51:24
GlezBass Hi , I like Latin rhythms, look at these jams 64550 and 71953, latin fire... +0
Mai 23 2016 13:54:38
GlezBass More in 73031 , and tango spanish style 71227...listen +0
Mai 23 2016 14:00:21
Marcelo D Hehehe I just read your profile. I am going to look for some of your tracks to join this latin movement. I love that style too. You are spanish so you have this in your blood too. +1
Mai 23 2016 18:29:17
GlezBass I have also my profile tracks bossa chord with bass and keyboard something, I'm not Brazilian like you but I love the bossa also and Afro-Cuban rhythms, we will be doing something together when the opportunity deems +0
Mai 23 2016 19:01:20
GlezBass If you are interested rhythms of bossa and Latin (Flamenco) in my profile you filter by bossa or by music world or in the search "flamenco glezbass" You have a lot of material with low to add piano and hear new things ... for example this rumba 23343 or the tango fused by Shi / OlivBee 64454...enjoy man +0
Awesome !!+1
Mai 23 2016 21:27:26
Marcelo D Thanks Coddy!!! Glad you liked :) +1
Lenny Cowler
Mai 23 2016 21:28:20
Lenny Cowler
Marcelo D Thanks Lenny. Tried to up a different flavour here. Glad you liked :) +1
Fantastic composition...:) :)+1
Mai 23 2016 21:28:44
Marcelo D Muito obrigado JJ. Glad you liked my friend :) +0
Really Great Peixe !! Very nice chords and harmonies!+1
Mai 24 2016 20:26:25
Marcelo D Thanks Franky! Glad you liked my friend! +1
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