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Just seems I can't no traction he'ah. Horns players can't seem to feel the love with my uploads.
So I cranked up the Guitar Synth on the Godin and played some Sax and trumpet to the Bass Guitar and Loop drums. Just so...

Sooo....I'll subtract if a drummer wants to play real drums instead of looped, I'll take out the Sax if after hear, love is generated--same with trumpet, ya'll can add real instruments instead of synth. Sure it'd be way ...
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Jazz trip, Sax, trumpet, bass, drums


Yea, it sounded like the bass was clipping...guess not. Hard to get synth instruments to play with feeling. Can't quite picture just dropping out the sax and replacing that. Maybe just start with bass, drums and rhythm guitar with the option to drop those out? There's just so much already in this that taking just one instrument out still leaves us with a very "square programmed" feel. The trumpet line has a good melody. Definitely deserves a thumb for such a fine composition.+1
Juni 17 2016 02:36:17
Leftdaloops1019 I think we(probably most of us) have a tendency to want jam a lead --Me included, but one thing I was thinking putting in the Sax and trumpet in was to demo kind of what I hear with starting a piece out. The sax parts kind of take on a rhythm part and even though the trumpet has a kind of prominent tonal space yet it has it's song within the song. Posted with the horns No. 75844 +1
Juni 17 2016 04:22:10
Wade Cool. Will check it out and download...but with no promises. I download probably 10X what comes back and it doesn't happen very promptly. Thanks GemmyF. +0
Juni 17 2016 20:11:53
Leftdaloops1019 me too! Lot's of great jams to jam. +0
The bass has a fuzz on it. It sounded like a horn at times so I left it though it might sound like the bass was clipping it wasn't.+0
I like both version, but have a weakness for horns ;)+0
Juni 17 2016 21:22:22
Leftdaloops1019 Yes Horns! I was hoping to inspire horn players to join in by synth-ing them in. Uli's tone on the vocals really hug the song! +1
Juni 17 2016 21:53:26
AKchen yes, great fit :) +0
Great Gemmy, excellent work!!+0
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