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I made this song few months ago. I was considering about uploading it or not. Since this place is for sharing and having fun I did it. This is kind of a classical song. Its a 12/8 feel but the loops only accepts 6/8... so it is. Feels good to be here... Hope you like it. :)


So glad you finally post the track, another heavenly track from you..beautiful in every side, im floating through the track...this is a piece of the way it flow gently..thank you for sharing your music to us Marcelo+3
Juni 23 2016 05:39:52
Marcelo D So glad you hear it. Its an honor that you are here lending me your precious ears and delivering your attention and sweetness through your words. I can only thank you because you are always so kind to me and listen to my songs. :) +3
fantastic Peixe,:)I liked the first day that it heard and another time again to enjoy the listen+3
August 11 2016 18:31:00
Marcelo D hahaha. its a cool track. I really enjoy to play with the /8 feel with the triplets every where. +0
I totally agree with Alice !! A wonderful journey you take us on Peixe. So very glad you shared this with us friend :) :)+2
Juni 23 2016 05:46:30
Marcelo D Thank you Rob. This is a spontaneous song. It just appeared under my fingers in a sunday morning. I took my pencil, wrote it down and here it is... +1
not just like- it is extraordinary!+2
Juni 23 2016 06:15:27
Marcelo D Its so good to hear that. You make me happy mate!!! Glad it reached you somehow :) +0
great piece. Thanks for it! Playlist!+2
Juni 23 2016 06:38:02
Marcelo D Thanks for listening Gemmy! So glad you liked and listed it :) :) +0
Magnificent! Remember me my actual top pianist Bill Lawrence from Snarky Puppy!
A bit Lyle Mays first album too. But it's you Marcello and you make some good music!! :)
Juni 24 2016 04:40:32
Marcelo D Come on Tof. Bill Laurence is a legend. I wish I could play like he does in Ready Wednesday track hahaha. He is groovy and classic at the same time. Lyle Mays is more "tripy"but still genial. Thank you so much for remember these cool guys listening to my song. +1
Sublime!!!! esplêndido!!!! fantástica composição, Marcelo!!!! sábia decisão :) partilhares connosco a tua arte!!!+2
Juni 24 2016 04:41:53
Marcelo D Vocês são a minha inspiração. Sem ouvintes não há músicos, só solidão. Obrigado JJ. +0
I love these progressions and variations in minor key for the great emotional impact , and here you build and run this track wonderfully well. This beautiful theme absolutely proves your great musical vision as well as your fine executive ability. Great Marcelo! :)+2
Juni 24 2016 04:49:18
Marcelo D This comment means a lot coming from a great key player like you Stef. I hear the way you play with the hammond sound and mixing with pianos, rodhes, strings... and your tracks are full of sweetness. I always learn listening to you. Glad you liked :) +1
Beautiful piece Marcelo. I am with Stef here. The progressions in minor key is passionate. Thank you for sharing these beautiful music!+2
Juni 24 2016 04:51:08
Marcelo D Hi Kenny. I miss having time to jump in your tracks. You are on my top wikiloops musicians list hehehe. Just as I said to Stef it means so much from a great guitar player like you. Thanks bud. +0
Like it? Love it!
Juni 24 2016 04:52:12
Marcelo D Liked? Loved the comment hahahaha thanks mate! Glad you loved it ;):) +1
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