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it is?
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Not blues, that's for sure. Blues has it's root in African music, and that was rhythmic and percussive, and later elements of gospel and church music was added to it in America. So although you might have felt blue while playing it I don't think it can be consideed blues. On the other hand, if you want to call it a blues, there is nobody who can stop you. For me, this is pure old school Avantgarde music :D+3
Juli 28 2016 20:01:07
Leftdaloops1019 PEXE is a marketer pawning his music to the majority on the site, BLUES lovers. So when he asks is this blues, he just wants the most amount of people to come and hear him. To be in awe. Isn't that what we all want. PEXE wants love to. Even the unlovable of us want love. Isn't that right PEXE, how I feel your pain. How i want the love. But as Famous blues player/band(on occasion) sang "You can't always get what you get what you need." +2
Juli 28 2016 20:24:41
Leftdaloops1019 I really like that movie with Gérard Depardieu -Green card- where he says he's a composer and sits at a piano and just bangs the Sh*t out of the piano(to the average person just sounds like noise) then later on in the movie he sits down and plays a beautifully sensitive piece with excellent technique. That's what I like about this site, if you've actually have some skills, you don't have to be stuck in Blues, Avant-garde or whatever, you just can make music appropriate(or somewhat challenging) to a genre. I think we can all grow, increase our technique(that variety of technique a lot of times can be a contrapunto approach to the style we are comfortable with expanding, beyond what we thought we are capable of or usually do. Thus we can be USEFUL in all types of musical projects. +1
Juli 29 2016 12:47:05
Pexe nothing to add! thanks ppl +0
it would sound awesome, if someone did a blues out of it :)+1
I do not know yet but :) sounds great!+1
Lenny Cowler
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