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A really nice track to have fun with and such a cool song in the end - thank you guys for that !! i added backing vocals and because this is the last available slot this remix also has an additional guitar by OliV ... Mix by OliV - merci choupinet ;)


What I love most about this track is that it reminds of one of my favourite bands of all time: Crowded House. It takes me back to a time when I learned [the hard way!] 'real' music; how to play a song. Listening to Crowded House and working with a songwriter who only cared about the song taught me that skill. That it's not about what you play but how you play it. How to belong to a song. To forego musical ego for the sake of good music. All my technical ability and knowledge meant nothing when it comes to playing 'the song'. This track is a sum of its parts - remarkable for a track constructed piece-by-piece without each add knowing what will come next. Testimony to the, frankly, sterling talent here. And remarkable for what was just a guitar template.

This track has the same craftsmanship, the same perfect pop sensibilities, the same dynamic and the same joy as my songwriting hero, Neil Finn, to listen to. The musicians know their place and know exactly how to keep to their part in the whole. To listen to and participate in a song.

Thank you all - this is how a pop song is made. And I love being a small part of it. The fact it's been made 'on-the-fly' makes it all the more amazing. :) :)

I love Wikiloops.
Oktober 07 2016 00:19:47
FRANK2654 Well Said! +1
Oktober 07 2016 11:27:54
marmotte Only think about being usefull to the song is the way, I totally agree with you, just like a color on a picture ; if each color is at the right place... being the part of something that goes beyond individualities is the magic reward ! +4
März 11 2018 08:53:23
wjl I thought of Crowded House as well. A very nice sounding song, this - bravo to you all! +0
mmmmmmmmmm... wonderful song... and ....great Marmotte, perfect Liesching, great JDF, fantastic Tofzegrit, excellent Mpointon and magical OliV... thank you !!! :)+3
Amazingwesomestic !!
Yes this is really a nice song with very cool tracks from everybody and I'm so proud to take part of this. Sometimes a jam becomes Something :)
Bravo Marmotte, you are a true human orchestra, bravo Martin, you are a complete "poomtchak" maker, bravo James, you are a so cool singer, Bravo Marc, you are a maestro and Bravo OliV', you are a wonderfull musician and a fine "producer".
Bam! Yeah.... this is cool alright!+2
There she is :) Such a great addition to this song. Love what you did here and your backups are perfect. I feel this song is complete now. Such a great vibe and talent from everyone. Very proud of this and am very happy that we can all come together from different parts of the world and make the creative music that we do. Just amazing. Thank you all so very much.+1
September 18 2016 22:35:00
marmotte Glad you like it, I was hoping not to disturb too much and tried to fit to your voice... :) +1
And all we are is just bricks.
Really Nice sounding Music, singing, mixing!
Oui, OUI, OOUUUIIIIIIIEE! C'est magnefique! :)+1
Wonderful singing, Marmotte! Added just the right amount of atmosphere with your pitch-perfect, soft and harmonic flavours. What an epic piece of music this has turned into. It's a complete honour to be part of the making of this song.+1
francisco al
bonita voz marmotte. bom trabalho+1
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