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An early morning acoustic ballad =) HD is guitar only
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Real nice playing bro ...+1
Oktober 12 2016 23:23:23
Psycho Thanks axe... appreciate the words :) +1
Thank you Bruce for this tune. :) However, I hope, that you do not suffer from loneliness, and that is true only for the title of the song. ;)+1
Oktober 12 2016 23:26:13
Psycho Thanks Carol, I'm happy you like it... and don't be concerned with me, I'm just peachy. I simply write sad songs... lol. They seem to flow out better for some reason :) +0
sounds great Bruce - beautiful :)+1
Oktober 12 2016 23:27:36
Psycho Thanks abu... very kind words my friend. to write these is for all my loopy buddies :) +1
No Bruce! you and your lonely compositions,
just waiting for me to come up and say High How you doing. I like the way you smile, in that sad little way. I like the way you think about things when it's serious, well, this time it's serious, why be lonely, why while away the hours longing for the world to give you a key to the joys it holds, you know it never will, it never will, you know it never will give you the key. jou just have to chip away, just like the Chippeaw or the Pawnee as they followed the wind from place to place, only to start again, only to start, not fresh, but again, and again and again. Hey this time it's serious and I do like the way you think. So let me ask you do you thing she was one who would have given you measles laden-blankets, can you transpose her from now to then...yes from now to then and back again....I can't stand the horror of it, so would you hold me, make me strong at least, strong to stand
Oktober 12 2016 23:29:10
Psycho Thanks Jim... I see you sang on this and I haven't heard it yet... I'm saving it until I thank the good people here :) +1
Bruce, really a super acoustic ballad you did here.
You are so good at laying down these great foundations for us to build onto:D
Oktober 12 2016 23:30:24
Psycho That's very nice of you to say Ron... I've played on so many others tracks, it's due time to balance things out :) +0
Well done ballad+1
Oktober 12 2016 23:31:56
Psycho Thanks Rick... it's so much easier for me to write on the acoustic. But still some rocker ideas up the ol sleeve :) +1
Beautiful and melancholic ballad! Always so cool your acoustic ideas! :)+1
Oktober 12 2016 23:34:12
Psycho Thanks very much Stef. Sure, I had the background for many years, but I have gained a wealth of knowledge from you, and the others here. I listen a lot and that is key for me :) +0
Lenny Cowler
Oktober 12 2016 23:34:38
Lenny Cowler
Psycho Thanks very much my friend :) +1
Very good ! :)+1
Oktober 12 2016 23:35:23
Psycho Hey there titi... thanks very much for the nice compliment :) +1
nice one :)+1
Oktober 12 2016 23:37:14
Psycho Thanks adu... I follow in your footsteps my friend. You write so many similar type tracks. Long live the loopers :) +0
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