Haunted River

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Sam's drums x2 (offset). E-mu keyboard bass & fill. old dean guitar.Tascam 24 trk... 2hrs of "spare" time.
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cool work :) welcome to the loops !+0
November 09 2016 14:07:13
DrStrgeglv Thanks! +0
Nice. Welcome aboard :)+0
November 09 2016 14:06:59
DrStrgeglv Thank you! This is fun! +0
Great start here. welcome from me too! :)+0
November 12 2016 01:58:04
DrStrgeglv Music people are too nice- Thanks! +0
Nice one. Welcome!+0
November 12 2016 01:59:02
DrStrgeglv thanks! Sam is a great drummer! +1
You may want to adjust bass level? Made especially for (big)headphones!+0
Very cool!+0
November 12 2016 04:56:42
DrStrgeglv Thank you veddy much! +0
awesome track!+0
Dezember 06 2016 05:03:17
DrStrgeglv What an honor! Your drum track predicated every note. It was like coloring by numbers (That means you're SO PRO that each note was already framed by drum inflexion) ... was I close to the idea you were going for?
I'm writing lyrics (what I do best).
Yeah the Tool influences are in this one. I saw them at a festival in Corpus Christi. I was hired to take photos from the guys that owned the venue(film days)
and I was up on a tower overlooking the crowd and it was amazing the hurricanes that would start to spin up simultaneously in this huge crowd, the eye of them would open up a a big bull would emerge in the center(huge dude) and all the little guys would go flying into him and he'd flick them off. But it was amazing that the music dictated when these things would begin to spin and expand through out the crowd. I had been listening to tool a lot maybe a year before the concert so I was excited to hear them live
Januar 04 2017 16:46:11
DrStrgeglv Never got to see them live. Went to very few concerts... but It's rare and interesting where your attention was focused. We would have had quite the lengthy discussion over that dynamic- had I been conscious (50/50) and able to see it happen. +1
Januar 04 2017 17:00:28
Leftdaloops1019 I think it would have make a great documentary--studying those mash pits in huge festival settings as I'm sure it happens like that all over....I too am basically a record lover not a concert go-er. I always wanted to be in a band that would put up a huge white sheet in front of the band and light would be behind us so all you could see of the band was a silhouette. One of the few bands i did see was Gino Vanelli--not to be confused with Millie-Vanilli---not even --- but just the visual of him didn't match the music at all of what I imagined he would be like--So I had to basically close my eyes in that concert. They sounded exactly like their records though! Other than the revolting visual it was great.(so I'll explain--the Powerful People album-- from the photo on the cover---and the sound and vivaciousness of the music I thought he was about 5'4" and super energetic, bouncy...FOR reals he was about 6' 4" long and gwaky with movements that were clumsy and awkward--I imagined him running across the stage jumping up on amps and stuff, the guy's pants were so tight and he had knee high boots, it was amazing he could even move.... +0
Januar 05 2017 02:01:04
DrStrgeglv Saw "The Guess Who" at a hotel in Helena, MT. in '91 with a different singer (Terry Something). Fantastic in a tiny venue! +1
Januar 05 2017 02:10:54
Leftdaloops1019 I saw them in a huge auditorium when I was in 8th grade. way in the back!!!! my dad cut my hair before I went, it was starting to get a little flip in the back..He made me look like a total dork!!! Ha! He didn't want me to get hooked up with the hippies!Ireally could NOT dig the concert much at all, the next one I went to was Led Zepplin--Houses of the Holies album--horrible!!!! Plant sang in bass range almost the whole concert...there was no super high voice as that was trashed-- No "Many times I wondered many, times I tried....HOWever it goes. I bet Guess Who was great, they were a very good group of musicians..and sometimes replacement singer sings better than the original at that the age they would be when you heard them +0
Januar 07 2017 04:17:39
DrStrgeglv Yeah- in a room with only 300 seats, they were the best ever! To your point, a lot of vocalists especially have a tough time hitting the notes they squeeked out in a studio one time. I was actually better on stage- because I couldn't afford studio time! +1
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