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It has been a long time since i have posted sth on wikiloops, finally i have set up the recording stuff in my new flat and directly picked this great template of you three. First of all the Bridge part made me jamming to it. But overall i really had fun to play these three quite different parts switching between straight and not so straight rhythm feel :) somehow almost every time i simply cannot avoid this jaco-ish 16th bubbling as ...
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So cool to hear you my friend, and your bass too :)
Welcome back!!
November 28 2016 19:53:30
issiro Thanks Tof! I would have loved to join your track. Unfortunetely two basses are often too much for one song. ;) But i am sure i will find a nice guitar track of yours for a cool jam ;) +1
Robert !! so cool to hear you on the loops again :) and the bridge ôÔ you have such a knack with these 16th ! glad you had fun !+1
November 28 2016 19:57:19
issiro Thank you OliV, I appreciate your kudos! :) +1
Hey Robert, nice to hear you again! Very nice sound. Wish you all the best! :)+1
November 28 2016 20:02:46
issiro Thank you Andreas! I hope that more uploads will follow. Finally i want to raise the frequency of my postings again. :) This is such a great community :) +0
Hey man, that is a great bass! Good to hear you again here on the Loops! Enjoyed your live bassplaying in Germany too! :)+1
November 28 2016 20:15:39
issiro I enjoyed your live playing in Steinfeld also very much... although I could not always follow what you were doing on the keys. :D Anyway this time it was very clear. Thanks again for this great template. Best regards! :) +1
November 28 2016 21:55:30
Marceys Very understandable Robert, it is hard for myself too to understand what i am doing ..... :) +1
Eh, eh, eh… He's BACK !! Thank goodness, 2 more weeks without uploading & i would've sent someone to bring you by the ear… :D
Joke aside, great bass lines. very tight as is your usual & i LOVE that little bit towards the end - SO tasty !!
P.S.: I've found a UL501 at a reasonable price…… ;)
November 28 2016 20:20:57
issiro hahaha Nuno, yes i bet you would have sent someone... someone to finally arrange the next wiki-meeting :D

It is great to hear that you have found THAT amp in Portugal! I guess that has not been easy. And what about a cabinet? Did you have success with that, too?
November 29 2016 02:34:20
nuno1959 Yes i have found 2 ( in Italy.. ) a UL 2X10 & a UL3X10 but am still working out my finances, they are begging me for mercy !!.. :D
Let's say the cab is phase 2 to happen sometime soon, for the time being i'll use my Eden.
soo schöön empatisch, cooler sound,schön wieder was von dir zu hören,echt total groovy,der jrüne teil gefällt mir am besten,cu..+1
November 28 2016 20:23:06
issiro Danke Dir Stefan! Ich hoffe ja bei Euch in der Eifel ist alles bestens. :) Das letzte Zusammentreffen fühlt sich schon wieder an als wäre es Jahre her. :D +1
Hej Robert! Very nice playing, but I've wanted a tad more volyme and some more bass in the sound ..if you know what I mean. AAAAAAns is that a Jaco-riff I can hear :) Very good and tasteful playing!+1
November 28 2016 20:39:16
issiro Hi haddock, nice to see you here! :) And thanks for your feedback. I got it what you mean. One reason might be that I used the post EQ DI signal from my amp going into the interface, while i have cutted very much the low freqs on my amp to have a less boomy sound in my room. The outcome was pretty much the opposite of former recordings where I had always way to much bass in. B)

Let's see what maestro OliV will bring out of it :)
Major 3rd
superb bass!:)+1
great Bass!:)+1
Neid ist die Aufrichtigste Form der Anerkennung
ich bin neidisch:)
Dezember 01 2016 07:26:28
issiro Hehe. :D

Danke Lothar, ich hoffe Dir gehts auch soweit prima! :)
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