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Got a cool rehearsal happening at Beb's place. With an opening between 00:50 and 03:00 for more instruments or vox =)
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Yeaah! Cool guitar sound, Psycho!+1
Dezember 03 2016 21:16:16
Psycho Thanks slon... was nice of Beb to open up the track like he did for others :) +0
Excellent High Energy!
Hat off to wikibeb and Psycho
Dezember 03 2016 21:17:34
Psycho Thanks Frank... not sure how much more time I have left for high energy... lol. Was cool to play though :) +0
Ya bro rock and roll+1
Dezember 03 2016 21:22:25
Psycho Thanks Gary... yeah lots of that the last few days. Some great tracks coming in for sure ;) +1
You play with dynamic and power !! Fits great in Bruce !! Good rocker !! :)+1
Dezember 03 2016 21:42:31
Psycho Thanks Franky... That power is slowly dwindling but I still try :) I'd say more but I'm cracking up over here after hearing the boobie song :| +1
Dezember 03 2016 23:48:19
frankyguitar Bruce my friends, I don't may agree !! Maybe in 20 years :D
There is enough power for both of us :D
i follow Franky, i like spezial the end :)+1
Dezember 03 2016 21:54:57
Psycho Cool, I try to make the finales special. Thanks abu :) +0
Hey this is great! You rock Psycho!+1
Dezember 03 2016 22:01:54
Psycho Thanks Andrea... oh yeah, rock is in my blood. This place requires an occasional transfusion though when I attempt the other genres :) +1
Dezember 03 2016 22:03:03
ALawrence1 HaHa:) +1
In the first solo, you choosed a sound very similar with the one used by Robert Fripp on Peter Gabriel's first or second album ! And that is not all : there is a lot of energy and very good ideas in the 2 choruses ! The second guitar is perfect, as the drums and the bass: very good tune !!! Let's wait for a singer !+1
Dezember 03 2016 22:04:38
Psycho Wow man, I like your style analyzing the tracks. That is really cool to read what you think. Thanks very much, and yes, I hope for a singer.... we'll see :) +1
This rocks! Real tight and a good listen :) You handle that guitar like it was limb grown out of your body ;)+1
Dezember 04 2016 00:28:52
Psycho Well, sometimes I think it is an extra limb. Luckily I haven't broken it yet (my medical won't cover such a thing) :) Thanks for the nice comment eG !! +1
Love the way you pull out all those fantastic sounds while playing your ass off. Very good.+1
Dezember 04 2016 00:35:57
Psycho Thanks Wade... nice of you to say my friend. This old guy can fortunately still manipulate the mechanics, but time will eventually take it's course. It already has in some respects (there are some techniques I simply can't play anymore) :( +1
Dezember 04 2016 01:33:20
Wade Yea, I hear you brother. Now at 70, anytime I can get the fingers and lip to cooperate I'm happy. May eventually have to go to completely electric and just program what I want to hear. Brain still ticks, body is complaining. +0
High energy track with a very high energy lead. Most excellent!+1
Dezember 04 2016 00:37:43
Psycho Appreciate it Gary... heard this earlier and it was like a magnet :) +0
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