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Another great track from Rob. Heavily modified sax added.


heavily yes ... sounds almost like some kind of synth ... very cool integration and tone ! it's very different and lovely :)+1
Januar 07 2017 01:46:25
DaDumps Thanks OliVBee. Still learning how to get better control over the tone from the boxes. Wish I had a great guitarist (and mix engineer) like you living next door. Would be so much easier to figure out. Also have the natural tone of the sax so can't hear what's happening until listening back. Not a problem with electric instruments...what you hear is what you get. +1
I love that your masterly way to shape the sound but always in harmony function of the track. Your attention to the development of the phrasing is Great. But if I can make a personal observation perhaps the natural sound of the saxophone is too impaired by the effects even it is always right to experiment and explore new ways.+1
Januar 07 2017 01:58:03
DaDumps I understand that you and others prefer the natural sound of the sax. I often just want to find other tones and ways of playing that can also influence the way I conceive of musical lines. Part of the problem (as said below with OliVBee), is that when I play I hear mostly just the sax sound and don't get to hear clearly what's recorded until playback. It will probably take a few years to get it figured out so that I know what settings give what sound and can use them appropriately.

I don't mind opinions, especially negative ones as I'm often too close to these to be able to hear what others hear. Honest "dislikes" can be very educational for me.

The majority of what I post (through the various pseudonyms) will still be mostly natural sax sound. DaDumps tends to get a little more of the experimental stuff.
Lenny Cowler
very good:)+1
Januar 13 2017 21:04:59
Lenny Cowler
DaDumps Thanks Lenny. Much appreciated. +0
wonderful add from you two ;o)
i hope for a fat bass ;o)
Januar 13 2017 21:06:02
DaDumps Thanks Uli. Yea, fat bass would be good. Can you rope somebody in? +0
Heavily modified but very much in touch with the vibe I was trying to capture.
Really enjoyed this, many thanks for joining in :)
Januar 13 2017 21:11:01
DaDumps Thanks Rob. Just trying to follow your lead. Great track from you. +0
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