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I hope you may enjoy this play :) I added plains style native flute :)


So.. here's the story...

some time ago I intended to create a flute for my nephew's birthday gift, which I did eventually do. I live in a well wooded area in the midwest. old forest, thick. etc... anyway, I was standing at the door of my workshop/shed next to my chainsaw fixin to go find some fine wood for my project. as I stood there, pondering as to which way to go. in indecision, still pondering, kinda smelling the air. like no hurry no worry ish. I could have gone anywhere on the farm in search, I just so happened to be facing north from my shed. I was looking twards the north woods and before I took my first step.... A gigantic ash tree fell in the woods not 200 feet from where I stood in the doorway. Crashing though the forest canopy on it's way down, crashing, smashing, rather impressive mass of a tree. There you have it .. the perfect wood ,,, no worries :) The ash tree had been dead for maybe 20 years. And that aint no joke... I believe a higher power more than ever now. That exact moment resides as too much coincidence... I have made two flutes from this tree, my nephews and my own. My E minor Ash flute is from this happening :) God's gift to me. I will never think or believe as I had before this incident. My favorite flute for many reasons. that's my story ! Chris
Januar 27 2017 02:37:33
ARNOSOLO I love this kind of story !
What better than to make his instrument and more if his story is extraordinary!
Januar 27 2017 04:26:17
HiFiFlutes Hello my friend :) I'm very pleased you enjoyed this story :) Thank you ! +1
It's obvious you are one with nature my friend. Excellent add!!+1
Januar 27 2017 04:27:27
HiFiFlutes Hi Bothen ! I'm super pleased you dig this play my friend :) Thanks for listening in and for such kind words :) very much appreciated :) +0
Cool story. Cool play!+1
Januar 27 2017 04:28:58
HiFiFlutes Hello Gary :) Thanks man. Glad you dig this play and the tree story :) Thanks for checking this out :) The tree happening was so freakin awesome !!!! +0
It's always a treat to hear what you will do next... great job here :)+1
Januar 27 2017 04:30:06
HiFiFlutes Hi Bruce :) Thanks my friend. Those a very kind words which are greatly appreciated by me :) :) :) I'm super pleased you enjoyed this play :) +0
I hope I understood the story correctly. In any case, this flute has a soul and you let it speak. Beautiful my friend.+1
Januar 27 2017 20:31:15
HiFiFlutes Thank you Pewi :) Mein Plan war, für meinen Neffen eine Flöte zu bauen. Gott wählte den Baum für mich .. Es fiel vor mir, als ich in der Tür meiner Werkstatt stand, war ich immer bereit, in den Wald gehen, um das richtige Holz zu finden :) Eine höhere Kraft hat die Holzauswahl für mich! Mein Glaube an höhere Macht änderte sich in diesem Moment :) ein erstaunliches Ereignis :) +1
One feels indeed that this flute is full of history. Thank you my friend for sharing it with us.
Januar 27 2017 04:32:04
HiFiFlutes Hello my friend :) I'm super pleased you dig this addition ! Thanks to you for sharing such awesome music to play with :) I look forward to more in the future :) +1
francisco al
muito bom, HiFiFlutes. fez um bom trabalho+0
Januar 30 2017 04:34:13
francisco al
HiFiFlutes Thank you Francisco :) I'm pleased you enjoyed this :) +0
Beautiful song. Gives me a gooood feeling. Thanks+0
Februar 01 2017 02:49:27
HiFiFlutes Hello my friend ! Thanks man :) That's about the best compliment to receive, Glad you enjoyed this track :):):) +1
Incredible add HiFi! :) I'm a fan+0
Februar 03 2017 23:23:42
HiFiFlutes Hey there my friend :) Thanks so very much for a HUGE compliment ! Much appreciated :) +1
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