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Epic metal song by the Dr. Reminds me of Ozzy... brings me back a few years! It was challenging because 1) it's over 5 minutes long, and 2) it has some crazy tempo thingies 🤣 Anyway, I tried to channel my best Tommy Aldridge! Needs bass and some heavy metal keys/organ! Enjoy, rp3


Very cool Ray, not an easy track, well done man, great rolls and timing, sounds rockin'!! Epic bro!!+2
Februar 04 2017 07:44:29
DrStrgeglv I know it was tough... I know from the 200 times I failed!!! I can't describe the awesomeness without eating a bat first! +1
Februar 04 2017 09:26:15
rp3drums Thanks, this is an epic track, I didnt give up on it, but I was think about it! :o +0
Februar 04 2017 09:26:44
rp3drums I assume a rubber bat at that! +0
Februar 04 2017 23:44:58
DrStrgeglv That was funny as hell! +1
Ahhhhhhhhhhh :o
Yuuuuuuhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa !!!
AWESOME track from you both !!
Februar 04 2017 09:25:27
rp3drums Thanks, so much fun and challenge! +2
Arrrgh:o what a stress:o HAMMER drumms!+2
Februar 04 2017 09:24:56
rp3drums Thanks Pewi! Had my workout for the day! +1
Februar 04 2017 09:25:10
Lenny Cowler
rp3drums Thanks Lenny! +0
I can DIE now!!!!+1
Februar 04 2017 08:19:58
rp3drums Thanks! Awesome song, but please stick around: many more jams to come! +1
What a great week! Thank you, RAY!

P.S. Had to train myself to NOT sound like Ozzy (LOL)! Did "War Pigs" better than He in "the day"!
Before I go... Where should I send that SOUL I promised you? Wish I had two... guess you're going to have to split that (sinister laugh).+1
Yeah has a Randy Rhoads - Ozzy touch to it for sure. Great drumming as always rp. Like the metal play you do so well :)+1
Februar 06 2017 08:19:43
rp3drums Thanks, I like to try and capture Aldridge Blizzard of Oz style drums, a true eye opener for me growing up! :o +0
Fantastic drums Ray !! Great !! :)+1
Februar 06 2017 08:18:45
rp3drums Thanks buddy! +1
you totally are one awesome drummer, Raymond.. I know this could not have been easy, but you owned it my friend.. totally awesome :W:W:W+1
März 27 2017 16:34:46
rp3drums Thanks Don. It wasnt easy, but it was a statement for my youth, an ode to some great drummers I grew up listening to. And only because of the Loops can I pull off stuff like this now! :W +1
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