Work It Out ("Acoustic"-remix)

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For this add I rearranged the song a little. I made a new intro for the song using a "re-sequenced" (rearranged) part of Marcelos versions without drums. I wanted to make a little more "acoustic G-percussive" start to the song. I used a little part of M.Pointos #65959 as the percussion part. Then I used and pasted a part of Marios great HD-track for the intro before using the whole track for the rest 1:43 to 2:05 ...


Peter, your creativity arranging snd mixing is top notch quality. Amazing how you blend instruments and vocals for a variety of sound variations!+1
Februar 22 2017 00:35:46
Peterpingo Thank you so much Dan. Your kind words mean so much to me. I guess this little project is a result of an "acoustic" idea I had even before Alice and Mario made their wonderful adds for the drum version. That´s the wonderful thing about the Loops that so many great ideas can be combined. I just put my idea together with the other great "guys". Thank you my friend. :) +0
Yes, this hard work paid off... sounds great. That's what this place is all about. A new and cool perspective :)+1
Februar 22 2017 00:41:10
Peterpingo Heh heh. Thank you so much my friend. And yes I really had a great time working with this one. It´s almost unbelievable just HOW much inspiration you can get from other people here. As well to make adds as to get totally new ideas for new stuff. I really love this place. :) :D 4-Shure +0
Great creativity Peter! Martin percussions give cool colors on this one, and you added a great riff, with a lovely lead that made the song sounds tight! glad to listen your play and idea on this track Peter+1
Februar 22 2017 02:43:55
Peterpingo Thanks Alice. I´m glad you like it. :) +0
excellent Peter!+1
Februar 22 2017 13:22:13
Major 3rd
Peterpingo Thank you Craig. I´m so glad you think so. I had a great time making this add. :) +1
Mixing and experimenting with it, is a new facet that we all have to learn and it is a good idea to develop musical ideas. Awesome mixing job and good idea my friend. Superb jam!! ;)+1
Februar 22 2017 23:48:19
Peterpingo Thank you very much Mario. Yes I didn´t notice that you had uploaded the bass track in HD before I was in the mixing. What a great surprise that I could mix you "back in the track". That´s fantastic. :) THX. +1
Great sensitive and creative add Peter. I really liked the intro feel. You gave beautiful new colors to the song. Thank you so much for joining us :)+1
Februar 27 2017 21:32:01
Marcelo D
Peterpingo Thanks my friend. I´m very glad you like the idea. I got the idea before Alice made the wonderful song for the drum version. I just thought I would make a combination of the two templates. The one with drums and the one without. :) +1
muito legal, Peterpingo+1
März 03 2017 16:24:35
francisco al
Peterpingo Thanks myfriend. I had a great time making this. So glad you like. THX. :) +0
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