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Add Something - pretty please? Guitar Tracks by Leftdaloops1019

Add Something - pretty please? Guitar Tracks

Add Something - pretty please? Guitar Tracks
Über dieses Album

here is a recent compilation of guitar tracks that could use all kinds of adds from Drums and Bass, to Horns or horn sections, to vocals(MasterX found a way) to Keyboards/Synths, to EXTRA guitars.
WE KNOW YOU can DO it! Leftdaloops1019 erstellt von Leftdaloops1019 on 05.06.2017

Daumen: 14
Hörer: 2055 x


The challenge


Review von Pewi am 09.05.2017

Great idea! Your creativity is incredible. This album is a challenge for every soloist! Thanks a lot for this😜


Review von Psycho am 07.05.2017

:) Haha... now that's thinking outside the album :|

Mr Gemmy


Review von ivax am 07.05.2017

I love your creativity :D my friend
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