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Always a Good Time for Blues Time

Always a Good Time for Blues Time
Über dieses Album:
This was a fun project. The band consisted of wikiloop regulars Frenzie, Ernie440, Stef, Bothen and Greendog with additions here from ALawrence1, Gemmy and Slin. Thanks for listening.Blues Time erstellt von Blues Time on 03/02/2018

Daumen: 4
Hörer: 934 x

Blues Time ALawrence1 Bothen slin Stef Ernie440

Blues Time.


Review von slin am 04/02/2018

thanks for let me joining you on this one...

oh yeah ;o)


Review von Uloisius am 03/09/2018


The Blues are King!


Review von ALawrence1 am 03/02/2018

I'm very happy to be included in this album. What an excellent band. More, please!
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