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Percussion to accompany Native flute music

Percussion to accompany Native flute music
Über dieses Album:
I made this cd so I can share it with people that are playing flute music on the facebook groups and my websites about Native American Flutes . To let them know there are so manny good percussion tracks on wikiloops to join that can inspire to play with differn't styles of music. Thank to all the musicians that made those wonderful tracks ! I hope this speads the word that if you play NAF Wikiloops is the place to beNavota erstellt von Navota on 03/28/2019

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A very good idea...


Review von slin am 04/30/2019

thanks for let me be on this album Navota...;)

Thaks a lot for that👍😎


Review von Pewi am 03/29/2019

A really good collection and an excellent idea, thank you very much.
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