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eurofolk 2 - harp impressions

eurofolk 2 - harp impressions
Über dieses Album:
At a time when the divisive in europe is often emphasized in the media, here is an example of a successful together. Uloisius erstellt von Uloisius on 01/04/2018

Daumen: 15
Hörer: 1266 x

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Music: The worldlanguage


Review von gnoerreby am 01/07/2018

It's so nice to be a part of this world-music-mixture.

Open Room


Review von Mickey am 01/05/2018

Dankeschön Ulli, dass ich in Deinem Multicultizimmer platz nehmen durfte!!

There's Always Hope


Review von ivax am 01/04/2018

Magnificent example of how there are no barriers to communicate and understand us through music, thanks Ulo, for including me

A good collection of track...


Review von slin am 01/19/2018

this is a very very good album Uloisius...


Review von titi am 01/06/2018

A grouping which in the breath !

beautiful music collection


Review von jjdf am 01/05/2018

thanks for being part of it!!!

I love harp !


Review von ARNOSOLO am 01/04/2018

Thx bro for this new album. I so cool to listen some great tracks again.
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