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GG 2018

GG 2018
Über dieses Album:
the Groove's Ghost jams of 2018, random acts of indulgence and all fun stuff!KMstar erstellt von KMstar on 01/01/2019

Daumen: 9
Hörer: 443 x

wiseshanks KMstar Guadaña

Steaming hot rock power trio


Review von TeeGee am 01/25/2019

Wow this album hits you right in the guts :W I love me a good old fashioned rock power trio, you guys rock hard!!! Only downside is, could use a few more tracks with vocals, but... keep on rocking, and don't be shy asking me for a guest appearance on your next one *wink wink* :D

Great album


Review von axenvocs am 01/25/2019

what a great collection of raw gritty rock
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