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Punkloops 1 by Uloisius

punkloops 1

punkloops 1
Über dieses Album

Many thanks to all involved musicians and of course to Dick ... for everything ;o) Uloisius erstellt von Uloisius on 09.11.2018

Daumen: 17
Hörer: 1592 x


Yes !!! Fantastic


Review von ARNOSOLO am 09.11.2018

Thx so much my friend for this new awesome album. Punk is not dead for sure !!


Review von Reaper421 am 09.11.2018

I actually played guitar on that song 'wormsquirm' when I was at my buddies house completely wasted. Totally forgot about that haha



Review von SupJax am 09.11.2018

Mega thanks to Ulo for these picks. This was surprisingly nice. Great selection

danke :)


Review von AKchen am 13.11.2018

... dass ich dabei sein darf

Live Punk


Review von ivax am 10.11.2018

Thanks Ulo :W for this compilation
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