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Über dieses Album:
Thank you for helping me grow as a musician, this album is dedicated to each one of you.
Music unites us despite the distances and languagefblack erstellt von fblack on 04/29/2019

Daumen: 18
Hörer: 961 x

Mika Tohve ivax fblack Ernie440 Major 3rd WhiteDrum55 ALawrence1 bluvation kmoon235 Mickey rp3drums Leftdaloops1019 Neal_Visher Demian GlezBass axenvocs mrrockero solozolo DanDiplo Basster Mishteria Acousticeg mortheol

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Review von ivax am 04/29/2019

fabuloso Album,amigo,una agradable escucha,Fantastico Hugo,Gracias por hacerme formar parte junto a este grupo de genios

Yeah Hugo!!


Review von Ernie440 am 04/29/2019

Nice collection here, you have a unique sound that enhances every song, glad to play on a few tracks!! More to come! :)

Fantastic amigo


Review von axenvocs am 04/29/2019

A Fine Collection my friend glad to be among these great musicians



Review von Mikebanez am 04/29/2019

Cheers to your first album­čŹ║ good stuff brother Hugo­čĹŹ



Review von ALawrence1 am 04/29/2019

Great album Hugo! So glad joined the Loops. Looking forward to many more jams!



Review von Acousticeg am 04/29/2019

Excellent showcase of music and talent. Honored to be featured among all the fine musicians on this album.
Major 3rd

"Voices" Rocks!


Review von Major 3rd am 04/29/2019

Hugo is a great musician super creative and great sounds..fantastic album and line ups!!! I am honored to be a part...thanks!!

Thanks Hugo-great Album


Review von kmoon235 am 04/29/2019

I am very honored to be included on this album with such great talent. Thanks again Hugo!!!

Musica fabulosa


Review von mortheol am 04/30/2019

Hugo is a very fine guitar player with a cool musical vision. He has an ability to fit into the music and give it the perfect touch. He is also a super nice guy! I am happy to be part of this album and to have become friends.

The tracks on "Voices" are all memorable Hugo


Review von bluvation am 04/29/2019

Great Album Hugo, I'm honored to be included on one of the tracks you included.

This is great.


Review von JoeOnBass am 01/05/2021

Losing Ground Blues is absolutely hypnotic! You feel it!



Review von mrrockero am 05/06/2019

Buen discazo amigo hugo,lo escuche y esta muy completo,gran variedad de excelentes musicos y me lleve una grata sorpresa con algunas canciones que no habia escuchado con unas guitarras espectaculares,muchas gracias amigo por hacerme participe de su trabajo y felicitaciones por voices

Wow enjoyed this one!!!


Review von TeeGee am 05/02/2019

I love songs with vocals, instrumentals are ok but too many are boring. I like a story :) Cool stuff amigos, keep on recording and uploading :W
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