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PEWI and friends

PEWI and friends
Über dieses Album:
It is always a great pleasure for me when I can make music together with so many good musicians. When I first joined Wikiloops, I only had the EWI for a short time. Thanks to the unlimited possibilities Wikiloops offers, I practiced a lot and got more and more pleasure with this instrument. My special thanks go to Richard and of course to all the wonderful musicians who share their creativity and skills with me every day!Pewi erstellt von Pewi on 04/04/2019

Daumen: 10
Hörer: 503 x

Inkless Pewi donsk ROBJOL MajorTom_III ARNOSOLO timp Ernie440 fanne WhiteDrum55 CI Section Fishinmissio FrankieJ hurzel moonchild jÜrGeN GlezBass Uloisius Leftdaloops1019 Itocpogo PowellJamz Tofzegrit

I like this album ...


Review von Ernie440 am 04/04/2019

Always great to hear Peter making his many wind instrument sounds (and occasional guitar) Even better to play on several songs on this album. Thanks for the fun and music Peter!

Wundervolles, ruhiges album ;o)


Review von Uloisius am 04/11/2019

Das ist echt ein wundervolles album peter, umso mehr freut es mich hier dabei sein zu dürfen ;o)

Thx my friend


Review von ARNOSOLO am 04/09/2019

Fantastic album. Thx so much my friend
CI Section

What a nice compilation


Review von CI Section am 04/06/2019

I like the tracks, great woodwind and EWI playing. Thank you for being a part of it.

Music from a gentleman


Review von ROBJOL am 04/06/2019

Very nice music Peter, I agree completely with you. WL is a place where we can express our creativity.

Ernie Likes it!


Review von Leftdaloops1019 am 04/04/2019

Well Peter that's all that matters.... the big E likes it.....Always love to hear you're playing.......ESPECIALLY son one of my tracks as you are so good and always class up the joint when you play! Thanks for your good work!


Review von FrankieJ am 04/04/2019

Honored to be included in your works my friend :)
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