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Blues as a Smurf

Blues as a Smurf
Über dieses Album:
Blues with good musicians and artists.ROBJOL erstellt von ROBJOL on 09/09/2019

Daumen: 3
Hörer: 224 x

Balfo jamlady Ernie440 WanHu ROBJOL ALawrence1 fanne Stef seriouss StJray JodyTripp Neronick slin MajorTom_III titi ThomasCZ

The Man with the Rose


Review von titi am 09/12/2019

https://media1.giphy.com/media/YFbof6Ygh0DhS/giphy.gif?cid=790b76118821f0bbc5083967a5849245081b096b6cc52700&rid=giphy.gif Thank you to be included :)

Yeah the Blues...


Review von slin am 09/10/2019

a great collection of blues song RobJol,and thanks for let me join you on this album...;)

Gotta love the blues


Review von ALawrence1 am 09/09/2019

Great collection Rob! So happy to be included in your work:)

The Blues itself ...


Review von StJray am 09/09/2019

Not sure to understand the title you have chosen ... But it is certain that you have added a bar more to my interest to try to learn to play the blues ... I enjoyed listening to this complication of WK tunes ... Thanks to you, Ray
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