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sax, flute, violin, guitar friend's talks

sax, flute, violin, guitar friend's talks
Über dieses Album:
small stories told by some wiki friends, great talented musicians, I had the honor to play with.jjdf erstellt von jjdf on 10/10/2020

Daumen: 6
Hörer: 141 x

jjdf Pewi aleonz DaDumps WhiteDrum55 Itocpogo magirtiko Wade khangurumc bigmac9137 Jypeka

a really nice collection


Review von Pewi am 10/14/2020

My dear friend, you have put together a really nice collection here. Thank you very much that I could contribute a little bit:)

I'm certainly a fan!


Review von DaDumps am 10/12/2020

What Wade said!

Wonderful collection of Wikiloops tunes


Review von TeeGee am 10/12/2020

I am so happy we have these Albums here! Keep doing what you do :)

All good all bright and happy!


Review von Wade am 10/11/2020

So glad to have been picked to be part of this wonderful collection of Joao's.

Really a special one!


Review von magirtiko am 10/10/2020

Thanks for listing a one of mine in this album full of gems, Joao :o :) I'm very happy :D
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