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The Headless Horsemen Vol.1

The Headless Horsemen Vol.1
Über dieses Album:
This Album is the first of a long list of Jams, in this one The magnificent drums of Ezio, always so dynamic and absolute precision.....
Dirk with the Bass line, magnificent grooves always full of fantastic turns and well accented notes, marking a safe step and full of color and joy, that invite you to be part of the game ..... Xavi on guitar doing what he can within his comfortable zone, although I have to say that the challenge is always present ...
All these Jams have arisen spontaneously, H.H. It is not a private band, simply the consequence of three friends that fate united like a pine cone, it was only a matter of waiting to collect the harvested fruits ...
In future albums, H.H will incorporate new musician friends who made it possible to travel in time and placeivax erstellt von ivax on 02/24/2021

Daumen: 7
Hörer: 276 x

Ezdrummer ivax DirkL

Awesome to ride with you gents!


Review von DirkL am 02/24/2021

I am lucky to have you bad boys to jam with. Great fun and heart in this music.

The found head


Review von Ezdrummer am 02/24/2021

Thanks.Beautiful !!!
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