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Über dieses Album:
Thanks to all the loopers involved for the fun :)Carlomac erstellt von Carlomac on 11/08/2021

Daumen: 7
Hörer: 173 x

Lenny Cowler rootshell Ernie440 Carlomac JoeOnBass rp3drums JEF29730 Shi SoulFingers zedders Mika Tohve

hoping for more from Carlo ... :)


Review von rootshell am 11/17/2021

fun tracks and a great showcase of your talents Carlo. it's hard to contain my excitement when i hear you play/sing my friend :o your writing is always exceptional!

Great Selection


Review von SoulFingers am 11/08/2021

This is a great selection of fantastic jams by talented and creative musicians and i'm very happy i could participate in some of them. Thank you very much Carlo ;)


Review von JEF29730 am 11/08/2021

Thank you very much Carlo for this jam🙂 very happy to be on this album with talented guys😁🤘



Review von zedders am 11/08/2021

I'm humbled by the talent on Wiki - it's cool to have played a small part in something someone likes. :)
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