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More Poetic License

More Poetic License
Über dieses Album:
What makes a poem? What makes a song? I try to blur the boundaries of both with this compilation of pieces, featuring so many talented musicians on Wikiloops. Thank you for your inspiration.Grathy erstellt von Grathy on 09/01/2022

Daumen: 10
Hörer: 143 x

Grathy ERWAN FrankieJ imopp CI Section GlezBass RoyalStar Andri Filo974 Gees17 KaiPlan deezee ericblom Jypeka ArkRockStudio jamlady bassman78fr PaulM44

Super album Mary.


Review von deezee am 09/02/2022

Thanks for the add!! :)

Poetry made music!


Review von GlezBass am 09/02/2022

It is a risky bet that Mary makes in a page as musical as this one, but her voice narrating poems works as an autonomous instrument in itself, both her texts and the beautiful texture of her voice become music and a gift for the ears and the soul!!! I appreciate my inclusion in this peculiar album!! We will continue playing together!!!

Poesia and music


Review von Krasimir am 09/02/2022

Nice selection, and poetic music. Excellent.

Words in sentences


Review von Jypeka am 09/01/2022

Mary the poetess...thank you for being there !

Fantastic poetic storytelling !!!


Review von Filo974 am 09/01/2022

Well, it's a very good surprise to hear me on two of your very good choice of songs ! I really thank you Mary :)

Poetic mystic!


Review von Andri am 09/01/2022

Mary! Thank you for this superb album
CI Section

Awesome poetic journey!


Review von CI Section am 09/02/2022

Great to hear it all together again! Feeling reminded to Laurie Anderson. And thanks for including me... ;)

Words are instruments


Review von ERWAN am 09/02/2022

This album is the junction between two dimensions that too often ignore each other, the poetry and the music. When we listen to it ,it's impossible now to tell where the words and the voice end and where the instruments and music begin. Happy to have shaken up the boundaries with you and I'm glad to have let myself be carried away by your words.

Bridging the Divide


Review von Grathy am 09/02/2022

It was hard to narrow down this album into fourteen tracks. I appreciate all of you who have contributed to my poetic stories. What is art? What is music? Perhaps it's different for all of us. Thank you for your contributions.
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