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H.H.5 Luz Tenue (Cuatro Jinetes)

H.H.5 Luz Tenue (Cuatro Jinetes)
Über dieses Album:
this is the fifth album of H.H.Band Friends, this time it is about Four Horsemen..... Thank you all for your unconditional supportivax erstellt von ivax on 02/01/2022

Daumen: 7
Hörer: 146 x

davidaustin ivax Ezdrummer DirkL

Hermano not Hernando!!


Review von DirkL am 02/02/2022


H H ride again.


Review von davidaustin am 02/01/2022

I am always amazed by what sound we have with our jams, This is so cool to have you all as jam buddies, I have a very low opinion of my music abilities so thank you all for making it all sound amazing.

Magic trip through the past!!


Review von DirkL am 02/01/2022

Thank you mi querido Hernando for all of the amazing travels, more on the way as we hike the trail!

Never stop


Review von Ezdrummer am 02/01/2022

Great. Headless Horsemen full force ahead

Gran banda


Review von carlottis am 02/02/2022

Gran banda y una gran selección de temas 👌👍🏻

Good album


Review von Krasimir am 02/02/2022

Good playing, nice selection, good band.
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