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H.H. VII Punto de Encuentro

H.H. VII  Punto de Encuentro
Über dieses Album:
This is the seventh ambush carried out by the Headless Horsemen... It seems that each encounter is previously agreed upon, but in reality it is completely fortuitous...
Every minute that passes is crucial and necessary to keep our spirits more and more active...
See you at the Meeting Point ( Punto de Encuentro )... Remember Day D, Hour H...
you already know the coordinates ...
and the password...
H.H. Victoryivax erstellt von ivax on 03/02/2023

Daumen: 8
Hörer: 149 x

Ezdrummer ivax davidaustin DirkL

What can I say? Thank you Xavi and gents!


Review von DirkL am 03/02/2023

Jamming with all of you has been a lot of serious fun! Thanks for these great memories!

Amazing jams with amazing people.


Review von davidaustin am 03/02/2023

Great tracks Xavi, thank you for making this happen, so cool mi amigo.

Thanks for the seventh time and for the others to come


Review von Ezdrummer am 03/02/2023

How can you not be present at the meeting point if these are the premises and the results? Thank you friends for always accompanying me with the same spirit as the first time. H.H. forever.

Good Collection Of Jams


Review von TEE-KWA am 03/10/2023

Nicely put together with a Pleasant flow from one track to the next.
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