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Boogie Fever by Bothen

Boogie Fever

Boogie Fever
Über dieses Album

I have had the wonderful opportunity to jam with some excellent Boogie artists on the Loops. I hope you have as much fun listening to them as I did jamming with them. Bothen erstellt von Bothen on 16.05.2024

Daumen: 8
Hörer: 158 x


Great Boogie Album


Review von Ernie440 am 16.05.2024

Love the boogie and Ron always does a wicked job in this blues style. So pleased to make it onto a few tunes. Even managed to "sing" on one of them, that's how much I like the boogie! :D:W

A great collection.


Review von slin am 20.05.2024

thanks for let me join you on this great album Ron.;)<3

Great collection.


Review von Pewi am 16.05.2024

I particularly like the way Ron plays the drums, I'm always happy to make music with him! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this great collection.

Great album


Review von Krasimir am 16.05.2024

Boogie Woogie is great style for listening and dance. Selection proposed to us representing old and new Boogie Blues 20++++.Enjoyed



Review von Tu am 16.05.2024

Thanks for including me on this superb collection!

Drumming that puts the B in Boggie


Review von Wade am 16.05.2024

Now this how you drum for excitement and drive the music!

No cure for this Boogie Fever!


Review von rootshell am 16.05.2024

this is a great collection, happy to be included. very upbeat and happy style, exciting and full of flare. Ron's playing drives this perfectly :W:W:Y:Y
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