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Christof In Berlin by MySounds

Christof In Berlin

Christof In Berlin
Über dieses Album

An album to support my son Christof on his trip to the Special Olympics 2023 in Berlin. As he`s not only a great tennis player but also a big fan of music, a small selection from Wikiloops might reduce the boredom of travelling and help his game. MySounds erstellt von MySounds on 09.06.2023

Daumen: 17
Hörer: 376 x


Fantastic Album for Christof,amigo Thomas


Review von ivax am 11.06.2023

I wish all the luck possible for your son Christof, for his participation in the Berlin Olympics, a position on the podium would be great, although the important thing is always to participate, it is already an important victory :)

Best Wishes from me Christof :)


Review von Shi am 10.06.2023

and what a cool album to have with you on your travels too. Nice compilation your Dad made here :)



Review von AKchen am 10.06.2023


Inspiring Collection


Review von PatrickDA am 10.06.2023

Beautifully mixed variety of tracks - excellent. Bodes well for Christof

Super Selektion


Review von frankyguitar am 10.06.2023

Wunderbare Zusammenstellung Christof! 👍😁

Go On Christof


Review von Tofzegrit am 10.06.2023

great name you get there !! Such a tender attention from a Dad <3

A good selection.


Review von peatric am 09.06.2023

Thank you for choosing my intro for your album and a good selection of tracks, Thomas 😍



Review von rootshell am 09.06.2023

What an awesome album Thomas <3 Sending positivity and good vibes to Christof, best of luck!

Good luck Christof


Review von ERWAN am 09.06.2023

A beautiful album with positive vibes for relaxation before the competition. Happy to participate in music with you Christof

Muchas gracias


Review von carlottis am 09.06.2023

Muchas gracias por añadirme, me ha encantado el album, y por supuesto estar en el ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you all so much


Review von MySounds am 13.06.2023

Christof is now on his way to Berlin to meet up with the more than 7000 participants and prepare for the opening ceremony on Saturday. I told him of all your good wishes and it produced a big, big smile.
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