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Nouns of Assemblage by MySounds

Nouns of Assemblage

Nouns of Assemblage
Über dieses Album

Assemblage: A group of different artifacts found in association with one another.
Is there a better description of our jams? Thank you to all who created, inspired and commented. Titles courtesy of "Schott`s Original Miscellany" by Ben Schott, 2002. MySounds erstellt von MySounds on 10.06.2024

Daumen: 4
Hörer: 85 x




Review von ivax am 11.06.2024

Great work and variety of topics, well done Thomas, and thanks for including me



Review von rootshell am 11.06.2024

wow, some awesome tracks here, thanks for the inclusion. really enjoyed listening to some of these, great work Thomas!

Heavy sounds here


Review von Krasimir am 11.06.2024

Like it.

Cracking Collection


Review von TEE-KWA am 11.06.2024

Really Good... Especially Liked An Asylum Of Sanity.
Top Marks🤘
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I´m not a very good guitarist but this site is awesome. Will keep on supporting :-) Greetings from Germany :-)
Chuck Stew from Germany

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