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H.H. Vol.XVI Tenebrae by ivax

H.H. Vol.XVI Tenebrae

H.H. Vol.XVI Tenebrae
Über dieses Album

Tenebrae is one of the pieces of the puzzle that completes the sixteenth phase of an incredible stage with friends, insomnia, difficult days, stress and ailments remain in the background by merging four styles and cultures, into a single piece, without eye contact, let's call it complicity ivax erstellt von ivax on 12.06.2024

Daumen: 5
Hörer: 94 x


Never gets old. Thanks amigos


Review von DirkL am 12.06.2024

On one hand, the music is fleeting and forgotten. On the other hand it feels good to hear it all again. HH victory

Fuera de la oscuridad..


Review von davidaustin am 12.06.2024

Always a pleasure my friends, thank you for being there.



Review von Ezdrummer am 12.06.2024

Instead of darkness, lights. The Headless Horsemen lights one of the strongest friendships in WL history....

Great album Xvi and band


Review von Krasimir am 13.06.2024

Great album Xavi and band. Great selection and sound. I am not in but listened with pleasure your performance.

Incredible music


Review von Tu am 13.06.2024

An impressive collection of music made by outstanding artists xxx
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