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Inci TG Blues Band & Friends (part one) by TeeGee

Inci TG Blues Band & Friends (part one)

Inci TG Blues Band & Friends (part one)
Über dieses Album

I had the pleasure of working with Incivanpico on a few tracks, great fun. Thanks to all our Wikifriends who are involved on these tracks. There is more to come ;).

All lyrics by Incivanpico TeeGee erstellt von TeeGee on 21.12.2015

Daumen: 22
Hörer: 4624 x



Review von Rockzilla am 21.01.2016

Great album TG, I never got a chance to hear it all but I will , what I did hear is fantastic

" Let It Come From Itself!"


Review von incivanpico am 21.12.2015

And I've had the pleasure to work with you TG! :) great music Buddy! ;)



Review von wjl am 29.07.2021

This album has some of the finest Blues, Boogie, and Rock 'n Roll I've heard since a very long time! All thumbs up guys, keep on with that! :W

like it


Review von Navota am 10.06.2017

a good album to start the weekend with great artists

kimbo he like this a lot


Review von kimbo am 06.09.2016

you are now most definatly on my watchlist my man..... so consistently creative...i wanna get involved....
cant wait till next meet!



Review von earlsteven am 22.05.2016

i realy like this band because of cool partystuff, thx to the band, congratulations!

cooles Album


Review von Uloisius am 22.12.2015

Echt cooles Album von euch, habe es gestern Abend komplett durchgehört ... beide Daumen hoch ;o)
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