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Guitar For Hugs 2

Guitar For Hugs 2
Über dieses Album:
Did you like the first opus of relax music or more ?!.? here is the second one. Feed the soul, let the feeling drives, open my heart for sharing with others.
Many thanks to all incredible people involved here, you make me feel good.Tofzegrit erstellt von Tofzegrit on 04/06/2016

Daumen: 18
Hörer: 2503 x

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Hug for you


Review von axenvocs am 07/16/2020

I love to listen to your guitar brother

Music with a special flair


Review von Uloisius am 04/08/2016

Nice that there is now a sequel to "Guitar for Hugs". I have often listened to the No.1,. Very, very nice album. I look forward to the No.3 ;o)

Always a Pleasure...


Review von PaulBOwens am 04/07/2016

...to collaborate with you 'Tof :)

Laid Back


Review von FrankieJ am 04/07/2016

A wonderful collection of tracks just perfect
when in the mood for soft beautiful music.
Perhaps while driving thru the country side or just
sipping a fine wine or bourbon from the comfort of home.

Always an honor to be included in your works Tof.

Sensitive Collection


Review von DannyK am 04/06/2016

What a moody collection you have here, Tof. Very nice atmosphere.
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