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Bluesjams with friends by frenzie

Bluesjams with friends

Bluesjams with friends
Über dieses Album

Wikiloops gave me the opportunity to play these blues tracks my wiki friends made it happen

I am so proud to be among such fine musicians in a friendly atmosphere

Thnx :)
Frenzie frenzie erstellt von frenzie on 06.05.2016

Daumen: 21
Hörer: 4176 x


Blues have a second name - Frenzie


Review von Mickey am 16.05.2018

Great music from a great musican

Super Blues Album


Review von petebass am 21.10.2016

Awesome tracks

feeling really blue


Review von GemmyF am 20.10.2016

Awesome album!
Great job by all!
Frenzie like all your approaches to the BLUES!

The Blues Man


Review von ALawrence1 am 20.10.2016

Love this album. Frenzie, you are the Blues Man!

Cool album mate!


Review von TeeGee am 20.10.2016

I always enjoy listening to your playing, and this album is really nice to listen to! Well done.


Review von jmrukkers am 20.10.2016

Very cool album Frenzie

Enjoy the Blues


Review von Stef am 29.05.2016

Great album, great blues and great friends. The miracles of Wikiloops.
Thank you Tom for this wonderful gift.


Review von ivax am 13.05.2016

Great Frenzie

Totaly Frenzie !


Review von titi am 07.05.2016

Great pleasure to find all these lovers of Tom's good Blues on this album.
Continue to offer us this unique Blues which you know so well how to make !!!
wikiloops online jamsessions are brought to you with friendly support by:
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Wikiloops is a real great idea. It's very exciting to talk and play with poeple all around the world. Long Live Wikiloops!
JeF31 from France

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