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Just Country (Almost) by ALawrence1

Just Country (Almost)

Just Country (Almost)
Über dieses Album

My first album! A collection of my favorite country tunes, with a sprinkling of classical tracks. I would like to thank all of the incredible musicians that contributed. Go Wikiloops! ALawrence1 erstellt von ALawrence1 on 23.05.2016

Daumen: 20
Hörer: 3941 x


Lovely Album


Review von FrankieJ am 24.05.2016

Soft, gentle and sweet. A pleasant listen.

An honor to be included in your work Andrea.



Review von DannyK am 03.08.2016

Wonderful! Just thinking of my Dad.


Review von ROBJOL am 03.08.2016

YES, I love this album. Going to be in my car for listening on the road.

Good work Lady.

Great ;o)


Review von Uloisius am 23.05.2016

absolut cool album ;o)
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