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Jazz & Blues with friends

Jazz & Blues with friends
Über dieses Album:
I'm very grateful to all my loopers friends that made me possible to put together these tunes. You are a fantastics musicians. Big hug to each you. jjdf erstellt von jjdf on 11/25/2016

Daumen: 9
Hörer: 1791 x

jjdf titi Itocpogo GoneUser_200920 ivax jmrukkers Pewi Bothen Uloisius Stef slin Shmuel

A calor of Europ-South


Review von titi am 01/25/2017

Great honnor for me to see me here Joao possesses a unique sensibility and one without the phrasing of a big sweetness and a heat. It is always a pleasure !

Wonderful talent.


Review von Bothen am 11/30/2016

Thank you João for allowing me to be on this album. Your style of play is clean and crisp with that wonderful Jazz feel and touch you have. Great album.



Review von Tofzegrit am 11/29/2016

So cool to have our Django on wikiloops ;)

Great album


Review von frenzie am 01/25/2017

Very nice and tasty playing jj! You put out a great album! Wonderful jazzy guitarwork! :)

Jazz & Blues...


Review von slin am 11/28/2016

thanks for let me join you on this great album Joao...

a great pleasure


Review von Pewi am 11/26/2016

It is a great pleasure for me to be part of this album! João, I look forward every time something new appears of you in Wikiland. Thank you!

Master of cheerful progressions


Review von ivax am 11/25/2016

João, you have a style so original, melodies fantastic, great Album, I am very happy of that you me include in this wonder... My dear Friend
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