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  1. Dezember 16 2018
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. Remix von Dick am Kontrabass Stück # 153310
    Seven winds to blow you onward
  2. April 19 2018
    Dub jam feat. Remix von Dick am Bass Stück # 135912
    Ya rab dub (like I cared)
    von Baer & Dick
  3. November 15 2014
    Dub jam feat. Remix von Dick am Bass Stück # 27443
    less is more, Shango said
  4. April 24 2014
    Reggae jam feat. Remix von Dick am Bass Stück # 17684
    green jacket down low
  5. April 11 2014
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. Remix von Dick am Bass Stück # 17282
    roll your own
  6. Februar 18 2012
    Unplugged jam feat. Remix von Dick am Kontrabass Stück # 3258
    a promise kept
    von MrAdamOnDrums & Dick


Met the Baer when I was about six. He's been squatting my flat ever since.
Drumming since im 13 years old,
picked up some guitar skills when 18,
built my first own upright bass when 21,
started the funkhausflowsdorf studio+webradio project when 22,
wrote a bachelor thesis on the use of the didgeridoo when working with children at the age of 25.
Got a saxophone on my thirtiest b-day and started coding wikiloops in winter 2010-2011.
Went on tour as german reggae artist MellowMarks sound engineer in 2013 and recorded & produced a live CD "L.I.E.B.E. live",
been managing the 'loops for over four years now and currently (2015)
touring with a man called Sheikh Hassan Dyck while also drumming in a local Jazz-Rock band.


Pearl Session Series Drums,
selfbuildt upright Bass & Xylophone
Yanagisawa Alto-Saxophone

recording devices

Yamaha 01V-96i digital mixing console (love it folks)
into Cubase Elements 7.
I'm using a mixed set of good brand dynamical and rather cheap condenser mics for instrument recordings,
my E-Basses always go straight into the mixer without any pre- or poweramps in between.


August 19 1980


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gegebene Daumen: 4.392
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Forum Beiträge: 2.432
erhaltene Remixe: 680
Aufrufe der Jams:1.308.083
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"I've been looking for a site like this. My musician friends at Boeing don't know the recording end of music, so this is awesome!"

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