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  1. Oktober 08 2016
    Rock jam feat. Remix von Frankisaur am Drums Stück # 85959
    The Want and the Need....
  2. Oktober 06 2016
    Country jam feat. Remix von Frankisaur am Drums Stück # 85726


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I like most kinds of music, although I tend to gravitate towards the more complex stuff. These days I'm listening to a lot of Zappa. I end up liking music that has good drumming, like Soundgarden, DMB, and Chick Corea. My influences are many, but a few names stand out; Matt Cameron (Soundgarden), Carter Beaufort (Dave Matthews), and Vinnie Calaiuta (Sting, Zappa).


I play a Roland TD-30, and I love it. My setup is completely electric, and I'm actually triggering samples in my computer every time I touch my drums, which is so cool. I grew up playing acoustic drums, marching band, youth symphony orchestra, jazz band. I know acoustic drums, I have owned many, (still do) and I love acoustic drums. But they can be really loud, and you have to collect a lot of them to build a big pallet of sounds. Technology has come a long ways since I first longed for electrics 25 years ago. It is freaky....how natural the response of my triggers are...total latency time is 13.4 ms when going through the computer (my set comes with its own sound engine which is like 3 ms, but the after market sound engines like Superior Drummer 2 are much better in term of mixing capabilities). At the end of the day, I'm playing a synthesizer with drum sticks.

recording devices

I do everything through my PC, and most of my tracks are recorded in MIDI. I've just started using Ableton Live and Superior Drummer. I drum on my e-kit, patching it through SD, which just delivers incredible sounds, and record into Ableton.


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