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El último Ángel by ivax

el último Ángel

el último Ángel
Über dieses Album

My most sincere thanks to all the musicians of Wikiloops who make it possible to continue with the flame of living illusion...<3 :W:W

Thanks for the cover to my friend Ivan Lopez, "Art Against Hate"

Very happy for the singers who collaborate here in a very special way <3 :Y ivax erstellt von ivax on 10.06.2017

Daumen: 19
Hörer: 2834 x


Super album


Review von ROBJOL am 16.10.2022

I enjoyed listening to this album.

LOL at album cover


Review von DirkL am 14.03.2021

That is quite a ghastly cover image! Fantastic album goes without saying.

"el último Ángel"


Review von slin am 11.06.2017

Thank you for letting me join on this album ivax, really appreciate it, it's a cool collection of songs,and a very good cover...

very cool amigo


Review von TeeGee am 11.06.2017

Thank you for including me in this album, always a pleasure!! Cool collection of songs here!

Great Album....


Review von adu am 11.06.2017

great Cover, great Music, great Musicians and a BIG THANK YOU!! ;)

wonderfull collaborations


Review von earlsteven am 11.06.2017

wundervolles album mit tollen bands,

Cool stuff here!


Review von Offfocus am 11.06.2017

Hi xavi, great album! I always enjoy your music.. and it's great having it on this album altogether. Your creativity and very unique guitar sound is wonderful.. and keeps me always on your track :) I feel very honored to be allowed to contribute to your album! Thanks my friend!!

Xavier the fantastic


Review von axenvocs am 10.06.2017

Amigo this album is fantastic ! This afternoon Kara and I listened to it start to finish. Every song is super awesome so honored to be included among all these other brilliant vocalist. your playing is always spot on and well executed , Love the album great list of musicians

Fantastica seleccion


Review von GlezBass am 10.06.2017

Un lujo estar incluido en esta fantastica lista de "astirtazos", lastima que me ha incluido y bajó el nivel del album ja ja... Gracias Xavi por incluirme, la jam seleccionada del album es "so cool" :)

Most Excellent


Review von Don_T am 10.06.2017

Thank you so much mi amigo, for allowing me to participate in such a great album project. You are so multi-talented and creative, and I am as proud as I can be to call you my friend (Amigo). Please keep the songs coming, and I promise to keep stalking your tracks :D Great job, mi amigo, Ivax :)
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