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Precious Time

Precious Time
Über dieses Album:
More fun jams - thanks everyone! Variety of styles here - trying to broaden my horizons. Wikiloops is a great teacher and great fun :)bhunt1 erstellt von bhunt1 on 06/11/2017

Daumen: 9
Hörer: 936 x

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Bass Master


Review von ArkRockStudio am 06/11/2017

You play the bass very well, I'm enjoying getting to do mixes with you and am glad to be a part of this collection. Great album!

Congrats mr bass!


Review von Offfocus am 06/11/2017

This album, my friend bhunt, is a great collection. Cool music and the best: it's all kept together by your bass sound and lines. It's great fun listening through your music.. I'm very happy to be part of this cool album!!!

Great Bass Man,Bro


Review von ivax am 06/11/2017

Thanks my friend :D very happy and "un Honor para mi",amigo,great Album

Precious time - BHunt


Review von Anon518 am 06/11/2017

An awesome showcase of your bass skills. Some wicked tracks. Feeling blessed and honoured to be featured 3 times on this amazing album.

Awesome Sauce


Review von Don_T am 06/11/2017

Really great album, B. Nice variations between tracks and that sweet bass leading the way. Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of such a great project.

Time well spent


Review von axenvocs am 06/11/2017

A fine collection of of jams and great musicians, Honored to be included in your very cool album. Your bass made these songs what they are now

Yes the time is precious, but well invested when listening to your album


Review von abuitremorem am 06/11/2017

. You are versatile and play the bass very well. I have been watching your HippHopp works longer and with interest. Now I am very happy that I am here with me. Many Thanks!
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