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Nailin' The Blues

Nailin' The Blues
Über dieses Album:
A collection of Blues songs I had the great pleasure to play on, so many excellent musicians here.

The last track, I should have known, is an epic almost 8 minute song with some of the finest blues players on the loop. If you want to see who all was involved then you need to go to the original post.Bothen erstellt von Bothen on 10/26/2018

Daumen: 6
Hörer: 360 x

pniveiro Bothen BossHen aleonz MajorTom_III hartmut AKchen KMstar Balfo Stef Lauramarie Guitarrockr Ernie440 Pewi ARNOSOLO Mickey Simonymous Haffast PDMuzak walked1218 frenzie Offfocus Shi Don_T solozolo cschlote akethesnaker slin fanne titi

Great album!!


Review von KMstar am 10/27/2018

Thanks for including me, there lot of talent here and I am happy to be a part of it

Yeah Blues...


Review von slin am 11/01/2018

Hi Ron a cool collection you got here thanks for including me too...;););)

Crazy album


Review von ARNOSOLO am 10/29/2018

Thx so much for this album my friend! I'm so proud to be here ;-)

Cooooooool Blues album


Review von Offfocus am 10/28/2018

Great work, man! I love really love the 70 tired and "Should have known you by now!" And all the others are pretty cool too! Thank you very much you let me into this project.. makes me very happy!

You Nailed It


Review von Don_T am 10/28/2018

Awesome collection of great songs by super musicians and your drumming is the glue that keeps it all together. Excellent album.. thanks so much for including me in with all this super talent.

The night We met


Review von PDMuzak am 10/27/2018

A bang up job by everyone. Love the mix and the instrumentation.

70 Tired of nothing


Review von PDMuzak am 10/27/2018

You really brought some life to this track with your lead.. Has a touch of Gilmore in it.

cool collection


Review von Pewi am 10/27/2018

A very cool collection!! I am glad that I am a part of it

Great job


Review von frenzie am 10/27/2018

You always deliver great beats to the blues on wl such great musicians on this album thnx for including me bro!:):)
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