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into the blue 1

into the blue 1
Über dieses Album:
Welcome to my little journey into the blue. I hope you enjoy this album as much as I have ;o)
Some blue moments from the vastness of the Wikiloops cosmos, others may follow.
Thanks to all Wikiloopers who are represented with their music on this album, you are all great!
Special thanks goes to Dick for all his efforts to make sure that we all have fun here ;o)Uloisius erstellt von Uloisius on 12/18/2018

Daumen: 12
Hörer: 497 x

blue-rix Dominik Shamika Dafunkydrummer pollorhcp Zamberdoo Baer jablue haddock horstphil Fishinmissio Uloisius Priscilla MrAdamOnDrums jmrukkers Telemetry AirFlow geezer billybluej petebass Pit Brett OliVBee moonchild fanne Balfo Stef gwailoah bassman78fr Shi wjl ArkRockStudio bluvation Ernie440 solozolo frenzie Bothen Mickey cschlote aleonz nilton SlonMusic ROBJOL Marceys PAPABLUES ALawrence1 walked1218

Blues, Blues, Blues....


Review von ALawrence1 am 12/18/2018

Blues - the music of the soul. Thanks for including me in this fabulous collection!

Tolle Platte!


Review von wjl am 12/18/2018

Schöner Sampler hier, Uli - und danke daß Du mich auch drin hast!

Love This Blues Collection


Review von bluvation am 12/18/2018

Nice selection of talented blues artists and music here. I'm honored to be a small part of it, thanks. ...Gerry(bluvation)

Great Blues


Review von walked1218 am 12/18/2018

Some super blues from across Wikiloops......Great blues collection.

Coole Sammlung- wiki blues power!


Review von TeeGee am 12/20/2018


Very rich blues compilation


Review von bassman78fr am 12/19/2018

Very rich compilation that honors all the trends of blues. I am honored to see one of my contributions selected in this compilation. Many thanks to you Uloisius.



Review von billybluej am 12/18/2018

Thanks for including me with all these great musicians.

Danke sehr :) thank you Ulo


Review von Shi am 12/18/2018

it's so nice to be a part of this cool album :) got to love the blues

Very nice.


Review von ROBJOL am 12/18/2018

Nice album Uloisius. I like very much.

Blue gems


Review von frenzie am 12/18/2018

I love to be on this album, great job to collect these songs ulo, and like all of us very proud to be on this album! Thnx for this ulo!!:):) Cheers Tom

Great Blues Selection


Review von petebass am 12/18/2018

Many thanks Uli for including one of my tracks along with all these cool blues musicians

Heck of an album


Review von Bothen am 08/16/2019

Thanks for having me on this album, what a wonderful collection you gathered here.
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