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  1. 15. Juli 2024
    World jam feat. Shamika am Gesang Stück # 298172
    EURO 24 Losers Lament
  2. 14. Juli 2024
    Ska jam feat. Shamika am Gesang & Tasten Stück # 298112
    I got Schmoozing Blues
    von Shamika
  3. 13. Juli 2024
    Classical jam feat. Shamika am Gesang Stück # 298057
    I want more pink
    von Andri & Shamika


I am Jillianne, known here as Shamika, a name I quickly chose (and later regretted) back in 2012.
I'm not really a jammer as I no longer have music making equipment but I can offer vocals and lyrics for anyone who needs them .... and that's about it :)


öffentliche Stücke: 120
Fans: (Daumen)1.825
gegebene Daumen: 476
Kommentare: 813
Forum Beiträge: 495
erhaltene Remixe: 198
Aufrufe der Jams:143.072
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Wikiloops is a real great idea. It's very exciting to talk and play with poeple all around the world. Long Live Wikiloops!
JeF31 from France

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