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Frecuencia Rock

Frecuencia Rock
Über dieses Album:
frequency rock is an album with some compositions of mine and others of collaboration, happy and thank all the great musicians who participate and make me spend very entertaining moments around the music.
Long live music, unity, respect and long life wikiloopersmrrockero erstellt von mrrockero on 07/28/2019

Daumen: 10
Hörer: 325 x

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Music is Life


Review von Stef am 07/28/2019

Great album, great music Julio! I'm happy to be part of these beautiful musical moments.



Review von frenzie am 07/28/2019

thnx for being n this great album , love your style bro! :)

La esencia del Señor Rockero


Review von ivax am 07/28/2019

Hey Julio,Gran trabajo siempre el tuyo.con canciones increibles.muchas gracias por tu apoyo constante,y por compartir tu música.agradezco me hayas incluido en tantos Temas para configurar el Album, es un Placer y un Honor,lo descargo para mi coleccion ,Viva el Rock y el Señor Rockero :W



Review von axenvocs am 07/28/2019

gran album mi amigo Contento de ser incluido


Review von JEF29730 am 07/31/2019

Really happy to be on this album with talented musicians, thank you very much Julio!😁👍

A great album...


Review von slin am 07/29/2019

Lot of great music here mrrockero,and thanks for including me here...;)
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