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The Wiki Evolution
The Wiki Evolution
FrankMil's Velvet Sun
FrankMil's Velvet Sun


  1. 16. Dezember 2022
    Rock Remix von LittleWing feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 258601
    Final Countdown
  2. 13. März 2022
    Pop Remix von Gees17 feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 239837
    Something Missing (lo-fi version)
  3. 7. Dezember 2021
    Rock Remix von Carlomac feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 232709
    When the dark side shines
  4. 17. März 2021
    Jazz-Rock Remix von Marceys feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 213236
    Under Surveillance
  5. 30. November 2020
    Jazz jam feat. mpointon am Mixer & Drums Stück # 204354
    Purple Clouds (OliV Remix)
  6. 12. November 2020
    Jazz-Rock Remix von Ernie440 feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 202952
    Under the Surveillance Grid
  7. 14. September 2020
    Pop Remix von jhonrobert feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 198334
    Didn't Expect You Too! 2
  8. 23. August 2020
    Jazz-Rock Remix von OliVBee feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 196970
    Lucky Charm - Pewi Flute solo mix
  9. 9. November 2019
    Electronic Remix von jussef63 feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 175576
    Maybe this way
  10. 5. September 2019
    Blues Remix von marmotte feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 171003
  11. 26. August 2019
    Jazz Remix von OliVBee feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 170283
    Summer Breeze - Fivestringer mix
  12. 28. Juli 2019
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 168337
    The Wheel Of Life - Oli Mix
  13. 22. Juni 2019
    Funk jam feat. mpointon am Mixer Stück # 165980
    Fisco Dunky
  14. 3. Juni 2019
    Pop Remix von Tofzegrit feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 164629
    Pianissimo Fusionare
  15. 9. Mai 2019
    Rock Remix von ivax feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 163164
    Velvet Sun IV el Reencuentro
  16. 27. Februar 2019
    Jazz-Rock Remix von Tofzegrit feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 158701
    Half Terms (Mix/edit)
  17. 15. September 2018
    Jazz Remix von OliVBee feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 146678
    Two Suns - Fivestringer mix
  18. 28. Oktober 2017
    Samba Remix von nadrek feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 119970
    Let's Party!
  19. 18. September 2016
    Jazz Remix von marmotte feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 84108
    Relax Just A Little + BackVocs
  20. 28. August 2016
    Blues Remix von OliVBee feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 81987
    My Key Blues - Martin mixed
  21. 17. Mai 2016
    Rock Remix von Wade feat. mpointon am Gitarre Stück # 73268
    Crumbled Universe...Yum!
  22. 14. April 2016
    Rock Remix von allan1970 feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 70100
    Waves of emotion
  23. 9. Februar 2016
    Jazz Remix von JDF feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 64223
    Day Tripper
  24. 12. September 2015
    World jam feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 49551
    The Boy Don't Live Here
  25. 26. Mai 2015
    Rock Remix von Milachica feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 40974
    The Wish
  26. 2. März 2015
    Funk Remix von Tofzegrit feat. mpointon am Drums Stück # 34178
    Mid Tern


I'm bald. I play drums. What's not to like? (probably lots!)

Been playing around 35 years on and off. Worked professionally in my early '20s after graduating from Musician's Institute (PIT) in London but ended up in software development not long after in order to make a livable wage. Still there. Thanks to the marvels of home working, I got to the age of 48 and ditched my home country of the UK and moved to gorgeous Andalucia in Southern Spain. Mostly because I adore the Mediterranean culture and lifestyle but also because of my disgust with Brexit which provided the final push for me to move on. I never thought I'd live to be ashamed of my [blue] British passport but hey. This country is just so beautiful and I don't think I'll ever leave. Moving to Spain has also helped me achieve two dreams I always had: affording to own a house that has a swimming pool (they're like having central heating here!) and a having a dedicated recording studio, the latter being the pinnacle of everything I ever wanted.

Anyway... Drums have always been and always will be my primary interest. I'm always striving to improve my playing and learn as much as I can. You're never too old or too experienced to learn new things from other musicians.

You might think all you do is 'give back' when you're experienced but I'm always learning here from players of all abilities. There's many places out there like Wikiloops but none of them have the camaraderie of this place - an oasis of working and playing together for the sheer hell of it no matter where you come from, and in this increasingly polarised world, it's so welcome. The pure joy of unjudged music and creativity where who you are or where you're from just doesn't matter.


- 8-Piece Yamaha 9000 (Recording Custom) all-birch kit in oddly-rare but awesome Cobalt Blue. Sizes are: 22x16, 18x16, 16x16, 14x12, 13x11, 12x10, 10x10, 8x8, all mounted on a three-section Yamaha Hexrack II. Owned the kit since new 30 years ago. All drums using Remo Emperor coated heads
- Spaun four-piece all-maple kit with Gibraltar hardware as small gig/practice/second kit. Sizes are: 22x18, 16x14, 12x8.

- Snares:
14x4.5 1964 Ludwig 400 Supraphonic (my main snare)
14x5 Yamaha 8000 mahogany in Cobalt Blue (second snare in large kit setup)
14x5 Handmade (at the factory by me!) Premier Birch/Eucalyptus XPK
13x3 Pearl Brass Piccolo

- Cymbals:
A variety of Zildjian A Customs: 10, 14, 15, 2x16, 2x17 crashes, 20" Medium Ride, 20" Ping Ride
14" Zildjian Oriental China
14" Zildjian vintage New Beat HiHats
13" Zildjian vintage K/Z HiHats
18" Paiste 2002 Vintage ride. Because Nick Mason had one.

6", 8", 10" Thomann Rototoms

Millenium 850 drum brain, various triggers. Which I don't ever use...

Tambourine, LP egg shaker, blue and red LP Jam Blocks and other assorted percussion for when I want to look like I know what I'm doing.


- AKG 5-piece drum kit mics with condenser overheads
- 2x Audio-Technica Overheads
- Drum kit mic set from some generic Chinese manufacturer I can't remember the name of
- 4 x Thomann t-bone CC100 clip on tom mics
- 3 x generic cheap gooseneck clip-on tom mics (for the rototoms)
- 1 x AKG D112 Kick mic
- 2 x Audio-Technica gooseneck tom mics
- 2 x Sony stereo mics which I should use but never get around to

- Tascam Model 24 live mixing desk/22-in USB recording interface. Used for gigs so they can be recorded.
- PreSonus StudioLive III 64S digital mixer. Colossal overkill mixer for my studio but was bought for a Pink Floyd tribute band I played in but they wasted my time so I took it home.
- PreSonus Studio One 6 with PS One subscription running on an aged gen-1 i7 Dell Desktop with a load of SSDs in it.
- Waves, FabFilter and Valhalla plugins as well as the PreSonus-supplied ones
- PreSonus Eris 3.1 Monitors
- Enough cables to wrap the Eiffel Tower
- Recording studio made by extending an existing shed. Fully sound insulated with Rockwool and acoustically treated
- 300 days of sunshine a year :)


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What's really unique here is the positive attitude of the community, with encouragement and support for everyone. I found that nowhere else on the net.
Lutz from France

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