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10h of 19 Remaining

10h of 19 Remaining
Über dieses Album:
Some of the tracks I was lucky enough to get the chance to play together with you wonderful folks out here at Wikiloops. I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you brilliant musicians and wonderful people.. Offfocus erstellt von Offfocus on 12/31/2019

Daumen: 10
Hörer: 256 x

ARNOSOLO Lenny Cowler Offfocus LittleWing eGiL fanne Shi wjl peatric onorium OliVBee Fishinmissio Rickplayer jmrukkers fark ROBJOL Dafunkydrummer FrankieJ Ernie440 Stef titi MajorTom_III

Very cool Album!


Review von TeeGee am 01/29/2020

I just love Wikiloops albums, and this one is no exception! A cool collection of high quality songs :W

Top album


Review von ARNOSOLO am 01/02/2020

Thx a lot bro for this cool album ;-)


Review von FrankieJ am 01/01/2020

Very happy to be included in your works Patrik. Thank you Best wishes for the New Year :)

So nice!


Review von wjl am 12/31/2019

What a great album to celebrate the end of 2019, Patrik - and I feel honoured that you made me a part of it :) All the best for 2020 my friend :)
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