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Über dieses Album:
Herzlichen Dank allen Musikern!jamlady erstellt von jamlady on 11/14/2020

Daumen: 6
Hörer: 155 x

ArkRockStudio jamlady josepssv Dadinator Pedersen hartmut bluesdog pph17 Ivanovitch abuitremorem Wade RickyMadison Tenche The Duped

What a Journey!


Review von Wade am 11/16/2020

These are some wonderful tracks and feel very honored to have been included. All share a very different vision and are very different to what one would usually hear. Excellent collection and great playing from Claudia on the ones she's on.

Great collection


Review von bluesdog am 11/15/2020

of imaginative, and crazy, really - works by loopers, Klaudia - thank you for including me in this album!

Choice Etherealism


Review von Ivanovitch am 12/09/2020

This album takes you to unfamiliar places that are a joy to explore
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