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Tribune to Zobi-Marmotte (Vol. 2 of 4)

Tribune to Zobi-Marmotte (Vol. 2 of 4)
Über dieses Album:
If the first tribute album to Zobi-Marmotte has a touch of soul-jazz, here the second tribute album has a folk-indie-pop tendency. Volume 2 of 4 is pleasant to listen to while sipping a glass of red, painting a canvas or reading a novel! :)
Thank you very much to everyone who participated in this album and to all those who brought their sparks of creativity to the other versions.

RayStJray erstellt von StJray on 05/21/2020

Daumen: 5
Hörer: 393 x

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Moments of inspiration


Review von Andri am 05/21/2020

I think this album is full of good moments of inspiration and incredible music. Good job from all the participants.

Simply ... excellent!!


Review von GlezBass am 05/21/2020

Excellent compilation and great tribute! Personally for me it´s a honor are included in this album!! Very nice!


Review von Timy am 05/21/2020

Thank you for letting me know about the Zobi-Marmotte tribute album. The tunes are all excellent but I have a crush on the last one! Bravo to you and ‘Marmotte’ and also to all the other musicians. Tim

Wonderful collection from a wonderful musician.


Review von Wade am 05/25/2020

Mostly tracks I know with a few surprises. What a wonderful display of the talent here gathered around Ray.

Great musicians - great album


Review von Offfocus am 05/24/2020

This is just a favourite album from my favourite msucians! Thank you guys for this lovely music!!

Wonderful music and wonderful musicians


Review von khangurumc am 05/23/2020

Thanks to all the participants,really proud to be part of this album and special thanks to Ray for his work.

Beautiful Album!


Review von Ernie440 am 05/22/2020

Happy to be included in this great music! Nice job Ray!


Review von Jypeka am 05/22/2020

Que des tubes ! Ray en cuisine et sauce Charmotte



Review von Diamant am 05/21/2020

Thanks Ray for this beautiful album. Your tracks inspired Marmotte and the team for the best. Félicitations!

Wonder Zobi 2 !


Review von Filo974 am 05/21/2020

Once again, LoOOoovely album,Ray ! what's your potion ?!!? :D j'attends la suite... ;)
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